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  • Ages 5-8

Luis de Torres lives in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. He is a Converso, a Catholic convert who in his heart, remains Jewish. Like many fellow Spanish Jews, he practices his religion in secret.

  • Ages 5-8
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Joshua Mendes misses his best friend Isaac, who has moved to Boston. Find out what happens when he and his Papa make a surprise visit in this yummy tale of friendship and freedom.

  • Ages 4-8
  • PJ Library Selection yes

  • Association of Jewish Libraries

    A Best Jewish Holiday Book, Spring 2021

Meet Soosie, the lovable, resourceful horse that saves Shabbat for people living in Jerusalem during the early 20th Century.

  • Ages 3-8
  • PJ Library Selection 2

When a migrating stork gets tangled in a net covering a fish pond on Maya’s kibbutz, Maya wonders what to do.

  • Ages 5-9
    • ADL Book of the Month, December 2017
    • NBC News, Best Book: 2020: Inclusive holidays books for children
  • PJ Library Selection 2

It's not easy having an older brother who is challenged and does embarrassing things. Ask Jacob and he'll tell you all about his older brother Nathan.

  • Ages 8-11

Whoever thought of connecting a candle used on Tisha B'Av to Hanukkah? Or participating in a torchlight relay race to honor the Macabees?

  • Ages 8-11
  • HONORABLE MENTION Association of Jewish Libraries, Sydney Taylor Book Award 2008
  • PJ Library Selection 2

It's fun to dip your finger in the wine when reciting the 10 plagues, and hiding the Afikomon, but they are not the only playful customs Jews have created for Passover.

  • Ages 6-10
    • International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award
    • New York State Reading Association’s Charlotte Award

This award-winning book tells the gripping story behind the Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) that Ilan Ramon took up into outer space.

  • Ages 8-11
  • HONORABLE MENTION Honorable Mention Children's Book, 2012 Green Book Festival, San Francisco

Did you know that Abraham was the first person to understand the importance of sustainable herding? That Joseph was the first to develop guidelines for natural disaster planning?

  • Ages 8-11 delicious. That's the best way to describe this unique book combining Bible stories and matching recipes. Do you know that the first delectable treats were found in the Garden of Eden?

  • Ages 6-10
  • PJ Library Selection 2

Lotty Gross dreams of becoming a famous lace maker. While learning the trade she begins to make a lace tablecloth for her wedding chest. She decides that she will use the cloth every Friday night to welcome the Sabbath Queen.

  • Ages 6-10

Mayer Aaron Levi lives in a small village. Like his fellow Jews, he studies Torah and goes to synagogue three times a day. Unlike everybody else, Mayer Aaron also has a bountiful lemon tree.

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