Monday, 25 August 2014

I'm Reading About Golda Meir When She was a 9-Year Old School Girl in Milwaukee

Shalom Girls & Boys:


I'm asking myself what would Golda do today? Would she open our school year on time or postpone it?


Golda is Golda Meir, our fourth prime minister.

Why am I asking this question about school? Because right now one of the hottest debates in Israel is when the school year should begin. As scheduled, on September 1st, or indefinitely postponed? It's been really hot over here because of two Ws – War and Weather. I wish it would just be the usual weather problem but this summer, the war keeps on going. Missiles are flying over the heads of kids in our southern region, and parents don't want their children going back to school on September 1st unless there is a ceasefire agreement with complete quiet.


What's the connection with our school year and Golda? A book I just finished reading, called Goldie Takes a Stand

This book is all about Golda's first crusade. It's school-related even though it didn't happen in Israel. It took place in Golda's hometown of Milwaukee. That's right – Golda was once an American citizen just like you. She and her family were Russian immigrants who made Milwaukee their home. When she was a girl she was called Goldie and by the time she was nine she was the president of the American Young Sisters Society. Can you believe??!! Yup, that's our Golda. A leader even when she was little.


Golda's first crusade was helping her fellow immigrant classmates acquire the textbooks they needed for school. She organized her friends to help raise money for this cause. How? Have a look at the book's video clip. I know for sure that after you watch it you'll go out and buy the book. Hey, you want to know how the story ends? I'm not telling!!!!



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