Thursday, 30 October 2014

Looks Like California Ran Out of Rain Checks. Don't Worry. Israeli Water Experts are on Their Way.

Hey! It's me again and I want to tell you that California Governor Jerry Brown is a smart man. His state is suffering from a record-breaking drought and he knows who to turn to for help – Israel. He recently signed a strategic agreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu to bring Israel's famous water specialists to the thirstiest state in America.

I really feel for you California, but don't give up. If we made the desert bloom decades ago, we can help you. Water has always been a major issue over here. We know what it's like not to have rain. In fact, last year we had the driest winter in decades but we don't have a water shortage this year!

How can that be? Simple. We've spent decades researching and developing some of the most advanced water and irrigation technologies in the world. We've also invested in planning our water economy. That includes desalination water recycling.

At this point, we're world water experts. And you know what? California is not the first state to turn to us. Ohio came to us a while back and has been using Israeli water technology to save water and prevent waste for several years.

Massachusetts is another one of our “customers.” That's BIG because the state is home to hundreds of its own water technology companies, and is one of the leaders in the U.S. for developing ingenious water systems. With all that, Massachusetts still turned to us. Its governor – Duvall Patrick – says: “Israel is the world’s top location for water tech start-ups, with innovative technology in fields such as water reuse, wastewater treatment, desalination, energy efficiency, and drip irrigation.”

The governor knows what he's talking about, and so does Jerry Brown. An Israeli expert in groundwater flow systems is in California right now. His name is Professor Eilon Adar and he told the governor: "If we managed to overcome the water issues in the Middle East, we can do it anywhere in the world.”

So don't worry California. Right now you're in deep water but we'll show you how to tap your resources and go with the flow.




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