Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Hanukkah Quiz Question for You

Shalom, Hello, and in Two Weeks' Time -- Happy Hanukkah!


I've decided to give you a quick Hannukah quiz.  

It's fun and interesting. Ready?

Here goes. First a little background: Like the United States, Israel is a melting pot.  That means our citizens come from all over the world -- countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Now for the question: Which Jewish community never celebrated Hanukkah until its members came to live in Israel? 

Want to give a guess? Let's hear your answer.

Want to look up the answer? O.K. You've got 5 minutes.



I'm back. What's the answer?


Did I hear you say Jews from Ethiopia? Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing!!!!!!  You are so right. But I've got another question and it's related to the first one. How come?

Not sure? Can I help you out?

O.K. Here's the thing: Jewish life in Ethiopia goes back more than 2,500 years. Some people think that the Jews of Ethiopia are descendants of the tribe of Dan -- one of the lost 10 tribes -- and that they escaped Egypt by heading south. Others say that Ethiopian Jews are the descendants of King David and the Queen of Sheba. Whatever the case is, they never heard of the Macabees. They only celebrated holidays mentioned in the Bible.

All of that has changed now that the Jews of Ethiopia live in Israel. Have a look at this beautiful handmade, embroidered picture made by an Ethiopian artist. I love it! I hope you do too.



Thanks for taking my quiz. Bye for now.




 Photo Credit

Ethiopian Art Credit

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