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Tasty Bible Stories

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"This combination bible story and recipe book succeeds through its breezy narrating tone and its ethnic foods. The author retells 14 popular stories from Tanakh and matches them with foods described, implied or relevant to the specific story. Older readers will like the hip and slightly fresh tone of voice, and thus will like rereading the stories. The text is accurate and interjects little known details of familiar biblical portions. The language has a distinct cadence. The vocabulary is strong...Recipes are chosen with charm as well as and food and bible in a neat package aimed at older elementary readers and cooks.
Recommended for Grades 2 to 6.

Ellen Cole
American Jewish Library Newsletter
December, 2003


"A Must Read!!!!!"

Today's Books
February, 2004


"This tempting book gives readers more than just food for thought. Hip retellings of the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Sarah, and other figures are each accompanied by two or three recipes, for example, "Barley & Onions" for the story of Ruth and "Persian Kebab" for the story of Esther. The language is modern and approachable, as when Deborah says, "I call the shots," and Moses tells his people, "Listen up, we've got important work to do."... Children will be intrigued by this welcome addition to religious collections."

Sandra Kitain
School Library Journal


"What could be more fun than family cooking together, especially with a book that actually offers new food ideas and puts them in a Jewish context. Tasty Bible Stories is a collection of ancient Torah tales told in a very modern tone...With each retelling (all are short, about two pages), the reader also gets really cool recipes."

Detroit Jewish News
September 12, 2003


"Tasty Bible Stories is a cookbook that truly does relate our Bible stories to food. It's a wonderful cooking/learning book for children and adults...a charming book that takes us from Egypt to the Land of Milk and Honey in a most innovative and delicious way."

Hilary Belz
Baltimore Jewish Times
August, 2005


Amazon Reader Reviews

"Although not lengthy, this paperback is a terrific resource for families or religious school teachers. The recipes are easy enough for kids to make largely on their own and are very appealing taste-wise. Adding a food dimension to Bible studies makes the lessons more memorable and interactive. I use it regularly with my class and wish I'd had it when my kids were young!"

Candace R. Kwiatek ("Morah Rakefet")


"What an informative, amusing and captivating book for young and old alike. The stories are so fun to read, using modern slang. The illustrations are so colorful and attractive. The recipes are a nice switch from what you would find in a typical children's cookbook. It would make a nice birthday or Chanukah gift."

Customer Review
August, 2003


"This is exactly what I was looking for! I am a chef and a Religious Education Director. I get to combine my love for God and my love for cooking and share it with the children!"

Patricia Nettleton


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