Sunday, 04 January 2015

Shabbat is a No-Brainer for Family Meals. That's Why Israel's Holding a Mid-Week Family Meal Contest.

Hey! I'm back and I'm trying to get my family to enter Israel's latest contest: Best Mid-Week Family Dinner Experience.

Why mid-week? Well...I don't want to sound like I'm boasting, but us Israelis...we're kinda ahead of the game. It doesn't matter if you're religious or not, on Friday night most of us get together for a family meal like this one.

But in Israel's fast paced world -- which is just like yours -- where Moms and Dads are working, working, working, and girls and boys go from school to after-school activities with homework in between, mid-week family time is a big HUH?!? Which is crazy, because we should really spend more time together. It's important!!!! We actually get to talk instead of text, and we get to feel a lot closer to each other. So to make sure we sit around the table as a family, one of Israel's largest food manufacturers -- Osem -- has teamed up with Israel's largest newspaper -- Yediot Ahranot and its online version, Ynet -- to create a contest around mid-week family meals.

Here's what we have to do to enter the contest: we have to send in a report about our eating style, the stories we tell each other around the table, and the recipes for the different dishes making up our meal. We've got two weeks to do this. The best thing about this contest? There won't be one winner. There'll be 5!

Let's see...I'm thinking couscous-tabouli salad...


a gourmet (of course!) falafel platter with hummus, chips, Israeli salad and a few more goodies.


I'm telling you, the Zvuvi family is definitely going to fly off with one of the prizes. We're stuck on food -- it's our best landing pad, which we get to eat together as a family. And these recipes? While you may want to be a fly on the wall when Israeli chefs exchange ingredient secrets, we're actually there, eating up every morsel of information.

There's no winging it. This time around we're going to cook up a winner and have a lot of buzz fun together.

Gotta go. I'm already drooling.



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