Stork's Landing

When a migrating stork gets tangled in a net covering a fish pond on Maya’s kibbutz, Maya wonders what to do.

  • Ages 3-8
  • PJ Library Selection 2

When a migrating stork gets tangled in a net covering a fish pond on Maya’s kibbutz, Maya wonders what to do. Can she and her father find a way to nurse it back to health and send it back into the wild? Stork's Landing is a sensitively told nature tale focusing on the Jewish value of caring for animals, while at the same time subtly incorporating issues of adoption and acceptance of those with differences. Set in Israel, one of the world's busiest flyways for migrating birds, the story brings the beauty of nature in Israel to life and highlights an unusual part of Israeli life — the kibbutz


  • In spring, migrating storks always stop at young Maya’s kibbutz on their way back to their European homes. When one stork breaks its wing on some netting in a kibbutz fish pond, Maya becomes the bird’s advocate; with help from her father, the stork becomes a surrogate mother to a nestful of needy stork chicks. Lehman-Wilzig (Zvuvi’s Israel) immerses readers in rhythms of kibbutz life from the very first page, and she never makes a big deal of Maya’s confidence and competence: when the girl pulls out her walkie-talkie and sends out the alert, “S-O-S. Stork in net,” it’s the most natural thing in the world. U.K.-based illustrator Shuttlewood works in watercolors, an ideal medium for a story that takes place entirely outdoors. She renders her human characters in a somewhat simple style, as if reserving the detailing for the birds at the center of the story. And handsome they are, with a magnificent, snowy wingspans tipped in black, and bright red legs and beaks. It’s easy to why Maya devotes her considerable intelligence and energies to them. Ages 3–8. Illustrator’s agent: Advocate Art. (Sept. 

    Publishers Weekly

    July 28, 2014


    Tami Lehman-Wilzig's book, Stork's Landing, is a new book about Israel's massive bird migrations and what happens to one stork whose wing is broken when caught in a net protecting the kibbutz fishpond. It's based on a true story (with fictional development). The story is beautifully illustrated in vibrant watercolors. The book teaches good Jewish values regarding Tzaar Baalei Chaim (ethical treatment of animals) and perseverance. 

     T. Rieser, Amazon Review


    Enchanting !! The story and pictures blend beautifully to tell about nature, and man's place in it. The migration of birds over Israel, that narrow land connection between Europe,Asia, and Africa, is brought to life for children of all ages. As a mother and educator, I loved it !!

     Naomi Resnik, Amazon Review

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