Zvuvi's Israel

Say Shalom to Zvuvi, a high-energized, fun loving fly who along with his female cousin Zehava takes you on an exciting and amusing tour of Israel, including numerous kid-friendly venues and activities.

  • Ages 3-8

Say Shalom to Zvuvi, a high-energized, fun loving fly who along with his female cousin Zehava takes you on an exciting and amusing tour of Israel, including numerous kid-friendly venues and activities. From Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, Machaneh Yehudah outdoor market and the Biblical Zoo, to Eilat's deep sea diving, Yellow Submarine and Dolphin Reef , Zvuvi buzzes by a host of places that will delight parents and children alike. North to South, East to West, Zvuvi takes it all in: Alligator farms, Alpaca and Llama parks, jeep tours in deep craters, mud massages, paragliding, horseback riding, kayaking and MUCH MORE. To round out the adventure, our favorite mischievous fly plays Hide ‘n Seek in practically every locale, urging the reader to find him. A book that begs to be read as an ongoing daily or nightly activity, Zvuvi's Israel is a fun way to introduce young children (ages 3-8) to the country that is a nation for all Jews.


  • Zvuvi the fly and cousin Zahava lead a tour of Israel's sights and historical venues from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, from the coastal beaches of Netnaya and Eilat through Haifa and the Galilee, north and south to Tiberias and the Dead Sea. Topaz's joyfully rendered watercolor scenes accompany a chatty text with both tour guides leading the way. Readers are alerted to the wonders, beauty and history while also asked to search for the "tour flies" as they are hidden within the various scenes. This oversized format, with its many, layered views of the country, will serve as a good introduction for anyone planning a visit with children...Zvuvi and Zehava are likeable guides, and the overall design and wealth of information make this a friendly introduction to the country.

    Kirkus Reviews
    August 1, 2009


    Zvuvi and Zahava, two flies who live in Israel, travel the country showing readers historical, cultural, and natural sites. They have a few close calls with flyswatters, but for the most part enjoy zoos, beaches, cable cars, and other locales. Detailed paintings give a good sense of place... On several pages, readers are challenged to find tiny images of Zvuvi or Zahava that have been incorporated into long-shot scenes-hints are provided in the back matter... This whirlwind, very simplified tour covers a lot of ground.

    School Library Journal


    In Zvuvi's Israel, author Tami Lehman-Wilzig gives us a fly-eye's view of the Land of Israel as buzzing Zvuvi wings his way across the country with his cousin Zahava. They hover over the Western Wall, nibble falafel and slide down the waterfall at Banias. Recalling the popular Where's Waldo? books, readers must search for Zvuvi in the pictures-he may be scuba diving in Eilat or skiing down Mount Hermon. Author and artist have created a charming challenge.

    Hadassah Magazine
    December 2009


    How would you like to take a "straight-as-the-fly-goes" tour of a foreign country? Author Tami Lehman-Wilzig enables us to do exactly this. Zvuvi, which means "fly" in Hebrew, is just that--a fly! He meets his cousin Zahava at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israel, and together they zoom to various other cities in Israel, such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Eilat, stopping to see various sights along the way, including the Soreq Cave, Dor Beach, Upper Galilee, Mt. Hermon, Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found), and the Dead Sea.

    Jewish children especially will be interested in learning more about these places, but even a lot of non-Jews who have studied the events recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures will enjoy seeing what many of those places are like today. There are both a glossary to explain the meanings of certain words used in the text and a map to help readers follow the route that Zvuvi and Zahava take. Also, on several pages, many of the colorful illustrations by Ksenia Topaz contain a "find the fly" exercise that kids will like to do (and if you can't find them, there are some hints on the last page). This is a really neat book to get a "fly's eye view" of the nation of Israel.

    Wayne Walker, Amazon Review


    In Zvuvi's Israel...our guide pays a flying visit to the key sights, from the Wall to Dolphin Reef, including such lesser-known attractions as Haifa's Maritime Museum and the Canada Center ice-skating rink in Metulla. Zvuvi would get on well with Matthew Buzzington, since he and his companion Zahava are flies. See if you can spot your onomatopoeic tour guide in Ksenia Topaz's detail-packed illustrations. An effective first guidebook for ages five to 11.

    The Jewish Community Online
    September 24, 2009


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