Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Multicultural Look at Hanukkah: Eight Different Customs, One for Each Night.

This year you can do it -- put all thoughts of a December Dilemma aside by transforming Hanukkah into an unforgettable family experience. How? It just so happens that I have the solution: follow the multicultural customs appearing in my book Hanukkah Around the World. 

This book first appeared in 2009 and it's turned into a perennial because it opens a window to the Hanukkah customs practiced in Australia, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Uzbekistan, Tunisia and the United States. Each Hanukkah day you can cuddle up for a fun family read of a story revolving around a specific tradition. Find a way to adapt the custom at night when you light your Menorah and try the matching recipes from each country. Trust me. This will be a Hanukkah your children won't forget.


For a different (dreidel) twist, I have another Hanukkah book with an important message.

Nathan Blows Out the Hanukkah Candles is an engaging story that shows children how important it is to follow the Jewish value of "accepting the other in your midst." The perfect book to read out loud, it's a conversation opener on the importance of love, understanding and respect of those who are different.

Wishing you the best possible gift this year -- a meaningful, memorable Hanukkah.