Thursday, 28 May 2015

Subscribe to "Shabbat Around the World" and Get a Free Copy of "My Very Own Jewish Calendar"


There's nothing like a win-win situation, and I have one for you.

The first 15 schools to subscribe to Shabbat Around the World will receive a free copy of My Very Own Jewish Calendar for
5776 – 2015/2016.


On the teaching end this combination is a win-win. Shabbat Around the World highlights the diversity of the Jewish People through 10 original stories and 4 unique, interdisciplinary lesson plans per story that touch on history, geography, the arts, and culture of each country. My Very Own Jewish Calendar provides interesting and unusual facts on all the Jewish holidays, as well as Jewish values.

On the learning end this combination is a win-win. Shabbat comes to life for students through customs that are fun and interesting, many of which can be adapted in their own homes. Factual curiosities regarding the Jewish holidays make them cool and engaging.

Need some examples? I don't want to give away the exact custom, but let's just say that Colombian Jews know how to make the Ha'Motzi blessing over the Shabbat Challah a fun event. And the holidays? “Awesome” is the word for describing a Reuse & Recycle custom connecting Sukkot with Passover.

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Shabbat Shalom