Random Thoughts

75 Years of “Familiality”

Our oldest son thinks that because I’m an ardent Zionist, I can find no wrong with Israel. If you know me personally or have been following my FB posts, you…

Why is This Hanukkah Book Different from All Others?

Confused about the headline? We’re cruising towards Hanukkah, but it sounds like a Passover quiz. The fact is the words Mah Nishtana do apply to my latest book The Boston…

The MomMe Factor

It’s my mother’s Yahrzeit and it’s not easy for me to find a minyan. Life has turned into an indoor/outdoor numbers game thanks to a plague pushing security barriers in…

Lasting Impact

I will never forget the words of Judye Groner, co-founder of Kar-Ben Publishing, when we signed the contract for my first English language children’s book, Tasty Bible Stories. “Never give…

Storylooms - An Important Storytelling Dimension

A recent article in the New York Times about the importance of bedtime storytelling got me thinking. The author – Paul Underwood – rightfully pointed out that to be a…

Shabbat Around the World

We Jews are a diverse people, with communities all over the world creating engaging Shabbat customs.

You can learn about them through my unique,
digital-story / lesson-plan series that
It Gets You and Your Students Involved!