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Invite Me Into Your Classroom/Auditorium/Home School
As an author of children’s picture books, one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of my career is reading my books to a group of children and interacting with them. Ever since my first book in English came out in 2003 – Tasty Bible Stories – I have been crafting live, interactive author tours, flying in from Israel and making the rounds. I also count myself among the first children's book authors to make virtual visits in order to reach out and meet children in small towns that most authors don't get to. I began traveling this author route in 2008. Altogether, dozens of day schools and synagogue supplementary schools across the U.S. have invited me to appear in-person and virtually.
Let’s have fun together! Invite me into your classroom/auditorium/homeschool for an author reading of one of my books followed by a Q&A and an interactive activity.

Beyond Author Readings & Activities
I have also developed some engaging virtual programs.


Books for the Jewish Calendar

(for 5-8 year-olds, depending on book)

SOOSIE, The Horse That Saved Shabbat


The Boston Chocolate Party
(New Book: Visits available as of October 2022)
Hanukkah Around the World
Nathan Blows Out the Hanukkah Candles

Passover Around the World


Yom Ha'Shoah
Keeping the Promise

Please note that this book has a Hebrew version as well, making it ideal for schools who have integrated Hebrew as an active part of their curriculum.

Israel Independence Day
Zvuvi's Israel
Stork's Landing

Jerusalem Day
SOOSIE: The Horse That Saved Shabbat

Tisha B’Av
Luis der Torres Sails to Freedom


45-minute virtual visit


45-minute in-person visit for a session of up to 30 students.


Discounts available for multiple in-school visits on the same day.

Please Note: Since I fly in from Israel, I request that schools provide/pay for accommodations, and pay for domestic flight costs. If I have invitations from more than one school in the same geographic area, the schools split these costs.

Engaging Educational Programs


Shabbat Around the World

(developed for 3rd-4th Grades)

Unique, Digital Story-Lesson Plan Series

We belong to one people scattered all over the world, making us a multicultural nation. Although Shabbat observances follow the same timeline, many communities have developed unique customs that are integral to their Shabbat celebration. Shabbat Around the World introduces students to unique Jewish customs across the globe and empowers students to enhance their own Shabbat observance. At the same time, this series enables students to explore global Jewish communities – their history, geography and culture, giving them an appreciation of the Jewish world’s cultural diversity.

Tell Your Family Story

I am a family heirloom storyteller!
I have written two heirloom books: Lotty's Lace Tablecloth and Mayer Aaron Levy and His Lemon Tree. My Shabbat Around the World Unit dealing with the Czech Republic begins with an heirloom story – “The Le-Chah Dodi Band.” I have done numerous live, interactive family heirloom presentations around all of these stories. I send schools a student assignment ahead of time. Parents and grandparents love it! It gives them an opportunity to tell their family stories.


Jewish Holiday Customs

(for 1st-3rd Graders)

Having written two books on specific holiday customs (Hanukkah Around the World; Passover Around the World), created a unique, digital story-lesson plan series on Shabbat (Shabbat Around the World), and a 7-year-long blog on Jewish traditions, I am the Jewish Holiday Customs “maven”. 
Write to me if you're looking for an unusual holiday custom for a specific holiday. I'll provide you with one and help you develop an out-of-the-box classroom activity.
 Invite me into your classroom for a virtual visit to see and discuss the results.

Shabbat Around the World

We Jews are a diverse people, with communities all over the world creating engaging Shabbat customs.

You can learn about them through my unique,
digital-story / lesson-plan series that
It Gets You and Your Students Involved!