Story Summary: Aaron Silva loves his Abuelo – his grandfather – and he's worried. Aaron's family always celebrates the Friday night Shabbat meal together. They have a special custom for saying the Ha'Motzi over the Shabbat challah and lately Abuelo's eye/hand coordination is not what it used to be. What is this special custom and what does Aaron do to help his grandfather get back into shape?



Lesson Plans

- Let's Make Challah combines a discussion on challah and its different shapes with an actual challah baking session using ready-made challah dough. Comes with a challah activity on different challah shapes plus challah braiding instructions for the baking process.

- Story Discussion on plot and characters. This story deals with a Challah custom while at the same time focuses on an important Jewish value. What is the value? What is the custom?  Comes with activity on different challah traditions.

- Jewish Value: Honor Your Elders illustrates how Aaron – one of the main characters in the story – shows respect for his grandfather. Comes with two different and engaging classroom activities dealing with respect for one's elders.

- Mapping Activity deals with the continent on which Colombia is located, the different countries Colombian Jews come from, and the different Colombian cities with Jewish communities.

  • Suggested School Calendar Use: Month of School's Grandparents Day

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