Story Summary: Zadea Molla loves everything about Shabbat – the three day preparations, the special food and her Shabbat clothing. Most of all, she loves the way everyone in her Ethiopian village celebrates Shabbat together. It's a very special community. They know how to tell enchanting Shabbat tales, sing, dance to Shabbat songs and pray for their return to Jerusalem. Zadea thinks that it's only a prayer, but when her older brother Rada confides that he is going to help turn it into a reality, Zadea doesn't know what to think. Will she really be living in Jerusalem next year?


Lesson Plans

- Story Discussion on the story's location, plot, characters and the importance of community, in addition to a special activity illustrating the bonds of community life.

- Mapping Activity on Ethiopia and the route Ethiopian Jews took to eventually reach Jerusalem.

- Return to Jerusalem lesson involving the actual creation of a board game by the students, based on facts provided in the lesson.

- Finding Meaning in Movement focuses on Ethiopian rhythm and dance. Includes a video clip link transporting students to an Ethiopian dance performance, as well as instructions for active participation on the part of students, followed by a discussion.

  • Suggested School Calendar Use: Israel Independence Day; Month on School Calendar for Emphasizing the Importance of Community Spirit