Story Summary: The Nunez family – Gabriela, her twin brother Emanuel, their older sister Ana, older brother Rafael, the family baby, plus Mama and Papa – have recently moved from Mexico to Miami. While there are so many new things to get used to, they are happy to hear a lot of Spanish spoken all over the city. On Shabbat morning they go to services at the local synagogue, followed by a kiddush. There Gabriela meets Emily Katz. Mama invites Emily to spend the afternoon with them. Being with the Nunez family is a lot of fun for Emily. She learns a Mexican game, eats a Mexican snack, but most of all enjoys the happiest, most hilarious Havdalah custom she's ever experienced. 


Lesson Plans

- Story Discussion that gets everyone giggling, makes everyone happy. How? Why? Because it begins with a special laughter activity for the entire class, followed by a discussion on different Havdalah customs.

- Mapping Activity on Mexico's place on the world map, its proximity to the United States, plus locations of different Mexican Jewish communities, where they came from and why.

- Let's Take A Break introduces students to the fun family game played in Mexico that is mentioned in the story. Comes with playing instructions, plus a suggested crafts activity connected to taking a break in the fast-paced 21st century.

- Let's Try Some Delicious Snacks introduces students to an international cultural palate through different types of nibbles and refreshments, plus a matching activity. Special focus on Mexico. Comes with easy recipe.

- Bonus Lesson: A Variety of Languages is a delightful lesson introducing students to Ladino and Yiddish – two languages specifically spoken only by Jews with roots in different parts of the world. Comes with links to music clips and a fun activity. 

  • Suggested School Calendar Use: Month of School's Special Havdalah Program; January – Official Jewish History Month in Florida

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