Story Summary:

Elijah Massil and his sister Yael belong to the B'nai Israel community living in Mumbai, India. They play an active part in their family's three-day Shabbat preparations.  On Wednesday they prepare the Kiddush raisin juice and help their mother with the fresh produce purchases at the outdoor market. By the time Friday morning rolls around the juice is ready to drink, and the table ready to be set. But all is not clear to Elijah. Why are there so many different customs on Friday night, two of which revolve around a fruit and a vegetable? Why won't Mama let him use their home-grown banana for a specific blessing? What's the botany lesson Mama uses to help him understand?


Lesson Plans

- Story Discussion on location, plot, characters and all of the unique Shabbat customs  practiced by B'nai Israel Jews in Mumbai. Special emphasis on the botany lesson with an engaging activity connecting Jewish blessings for different types of fresh produce. Also comes with stimulating discussion topics relating to seasonal produce and holidays for expressing thanks

- Mapping Unit on the different Jewish communities in India – where they came from and where they settled in India.

- Clothes Make the Person focuses on different ways of dress in different countries, as well as different types of clothing for Shabbat, specific Jewish holidays, daily pastimes and events. Comes with engaging and fun activities.

- Elijah the Prophet plays an important role in the B'nei Israel Indian community, as well as in general Jewish culture. Comes with engaging Youtube links, suggested Elijah story and a fun creative writing activity. 

  • Suggested School Calendar Use: Month of Thanksgiving; Tu B'Shvat; April – Month of International Good Deeds Day

Shabbat Around the World

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