Story Summary:

Tali and her family live in Israel. Tali loves the Iraqi Shabbat traditions her parents continue to practice. She especially loves one custom that connects the Shabbat atmosphere with nature, and even finds a way to extend the custom to Havdalah. When the municipality decides that nature has to take a back seat to a parking lot, Tali finds a creative way to make sure the custom continues.


Lesson Plans

- Story Discussion on plot, characters, customs plus special montage framing activity on how to frame Shabbat and the rest of the week.

- Mapping Activity dealing with today's Middle East.

- Iraqi Culture through its cuisine and outdoor markets. Includes several engaging activities on fresh herbs, spices and cuisine, a Youtube clip transporting students to an outdoor "Shuk" – market, plus an Iraqi Shabbat recipe.

- Talmud – What is it & Where Does it Come From? In ancient times Iraq was called Babylonia. It was the home of the Babylonian Talmud. This lesson is a fun and novel way of introducing the Talmud to 3rd and 4th graders.  Comes with a unique activity for creating a Talmud page by using the story and student commentaries. Includes an actual Talmud page, plus a blank Talmud page with guidelines on how to fill it in.

- Bonus Lesson: Mapping Biblical Mesopotamia

  • Suggested School Calendar Use: Month of Israel Independence Day; Month of Special Havdalah Program

Shabbat Around the World

We Jews are a diverse people, with communities all over the world creating engaging Shabbat customs.

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