Story Summary: Youssef and Mariam live in Djerba, an island off the coast of Tunisia. Their father is the Gabbai – Rabbi's helper – of the synagogue. Youssef is fascinated by his father's shofar collection that is displayed in a special glass case. He is also impressed by his father's lung power when he performs a special Shabbat custom every Friday. Youssef wants to be  just like his father. He devises a secret plan. Meanwhile, Mariam thinks she is big enough to help her mother prepare another custom, unique to Tunisian Jews. Will they both succeed? What does Youssef do to surprise his father?


Lesson Plans

- Story Discussion on location, plot, characters, meaning behind the unique Shabbat customs, as well as a discussion on how the Shofar was used in the Bible and its use today.

- Mapping Activity dealing with Tunisia's location, Djerba Island, the African continent and countries located along the Mediterranean coast.

- Art Activity dealing with cartooning. Students are asked to create their own comics version of the story. Comes with internet links and “Dialogue Starters.”

- Tunisian Living and how Tunisian cuisine is different from the food students are used to. Comes with engaging activities, discussion topics, matching game of countries and the food for which they are known, plus easy Tunisian recipe.

  • Suggested School Calendar Use: Month of Jewish High Holidays

Shabbat Around the World

We Jews are a diverse people, with communities all over the world creating engaging Shabbat customs.

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