About Tami

If you like to write, then we have a lot in common. Writing has been a part of me ever since I was nine years old. That's when I wrote my first "book." It was the summer between third and fourth grade. Outside, bolts of lightning crackled through the sky. Deep beats of thunder boomed while ominous gray clouds let loose harsh, pounding tears. "Yes," I said to myself, sitting inside the cozy bungalow my parents had rented in upper New York State, "this is the perfect time to write a mystery."I was no stranger to this type of book. My mother was an avid reader of Perry Mason and Agatha Christie mysteries. She gave me my first Nancy Drew book as a Hanukah gift when I was in second grade. By the time I was ready to enter fourth grade I had read the whole series. So I sat down and wrote "The Case of the Green Eyes" - a story about a mysterious black cat. I even tried my hand at illustrations. Folding the pages in half and stapling them together in a paperback format, I presented the "book" to my parents who declared it an instant best seller.

After that, creative writing became my passion and I continued writing for myself throughout high school, college and grad school. When my husband and I moved to Israel in 1977 my writing talents took a new turn. Armed with a Masters degree in Communications, I opened my own advertising copywriting company - THE WRITE STUFF - and went on to become one of Israel's leading English language copywriters. In between I also wrote magazine articles and even an Israeli cookbook called The Melting Pot. Still, I didn't abandon my love for children's books. Watching a real life experience of my older son, I wrote my first book - published in Hebrew by Yediot Ahranot- called Khlik Lak. The story is the tale of a silkworm that doesn't want to accept its fate and turn into a butterfly.

Still, it took several years until I finally tried to tackle the American market. In 2003 I decided to combine my two talents - writing and marketing concepts - and developed my first "added value book" - Tasty Bible Stories. It's the first children's book to combine bible stories with cooking. I loved writing it, making sure children and parents alike would enjoy the humorous way I retold each story. Since then I have made "added value" books my specialty. I believe that being involved in a book makes reading extra fun. That's why I create original stories around themes that let YOU get involved. I want you to be a part of each and every one of my books...and I want you to start writing and dreaming up your own stories. So get going.

Happy tales...Tami