Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wishing You a Year of Small Goals that Make a Big Difference

For me Rosh Hashanah is the soul searching time of the year. I've already started the process and I've decided that for the new Jewish year, little is big. My experience as a mother and grandmother has taught me that everything is a process composed of small steps that when combined, make a major difference. 

So here's my list of small step resolutions:

1. As always, family first. It's the little things you do for family that make the difference. Last night was a good example. In the middle of a special 95th birthday celebration my daughter in-law texted "We're in the E.R." My husband and I were there 15 minutes later (in Israel distances are short and that helps). It was no sweat off our back but for the harried parents of two little sick kids, it made the difference.

2. You're probably thinking: "Ha, she doesn't know what I'm juggling." But I do. I've been there. Which brings me to resolution #2 -- Recognize my limitations. After decades of trying to be superwoman I am now into damage control. Do I have the time? The energy? If I don't, I just say "no."  

3. Here's the resolution I love the most. Think of a creative activity to do with the grandchildren every time I see them. I admire all the technological advances and am part of the new tech age. Still, old fashioned, home-made activities are the best for getting the grey cells going, plus children feel a tremendous sense of pride when they create. My 4 year-old grandson is crazy about cars. I've got an empty egg carton ready to decorate and turn into a garage. What are you going to do with your children/grandchildren when you have free time? I hope it's not plunking them in front of a screen -- any screen. If you need ideas, contact me.

4. Hmm...this is a resolution I renew every year -- make sure that one hour a day is just for me. Writing is my business and when I'm not at the keyboard, I'm dealing with the home front. The best way to clear my mind and give myself a boost? Swim, walk or the fitness room. What's your trick?

5. Keep on researching Jewish Holiday customs from around the world, thinking of creative ways to adapt them to (y)our life and posting them on this blog. Can you please make one of your resolutions writing to me? I'd love to hear how you put my blog posts to use.

That's a wrap. Five small resolutions for making a difference. How many do you have?

Shanah Tova!



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